Alexandr Rodchenko’s photography…/sto…/20181123-eye-opening-soviet-photosRodchenko - Janczewski_sm

Growing up in a communist state, I should somehow have feel a touch of a common ground with the Russian photographers featured in this BBC article (see the link above)… But, I cannot. I feel an emotional detachment, almost as if a barrier separated me from treating most of the images shown here as art not worth of an intellectual discourse. (Is there such a thing as an esthetical PTSD?)That is all photographers except for one: Alexandr Rodchenko. To him I feel strangely akin! The artist’s photographs look like mine, feel like mine, could be mistaken by mine. (No narcissism intended). What of it? Simply that suddenly I realized that the aesthetics in my creative photography are subconsciously ingrained in archaic constructivism (“rejection of the idea of autonomous art; need to construct art; art as a practice for social purposes”). So, maybe some canons of the totalitarian system rubbed off me after all? Or, is it that the archaic above simply stands for ubiquitous? 


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