Custom book binding for the Man Booker Prize authors

It was very interesting today to find and read this article on the elusive topic of handmade book binding. One of the world’s most prestigious accolades for writers of the world, the Man Booker Prize, offers each shortlisted author a version of their book binded in a creative way… Except, and I am speaking here from the perspective of a book designer, it made me wonder how the writers reacted to their work’s content being interpreted for them by a designer, without prior consultation? The designer gets the feedback from the author AFTER the book had been designed. Did the writers feel elated, or did they feel violated? I guess it is a privilege of the award giver to gamble on the side of superimposition. But, to disregard a purist kind of an author, who actually appreciates their work being presented in a utilitarian rather than superfluous form, seems to me somehow antipathetic… Am I being an anarchist by castigating the art of handmade book binding? No, I am all for art, but not art for art sake… I can now hear the words of young Indiana Jones: ‘This books belong in the museum!!!.’ And then the answer of the antagonist: ‘And so do you!!!’…/booker-binding-unique-handmade-editi…


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