Back to school he goes…

Brian May, a guitarist from the famous rock band Queen, deserves a movie of his own… A movie about a rock star with brains, who is curious about life outside of the show business, and who is passionate about love for science (in this case photographic 3D viewer or stereoscope). After a 30-year break May returned to Astrophysics to update his doctoral thesis on the Motions of Interplanetary Dust, achieving his PhD from Imperial College, London, in 2007. May’s going back to school and getting his doctoral degree at the age of 60 (my age) was one of my inspiration to try going back to school and getting my masters degree in photography… Will see how it goes with my plans, but it is so good to know that rock and roll does not necessary mean drugs and decline at the advanced age. That is why I would love to see a feature film created about Brian May. What an inspiration is he to me and could be to the young and the restless ones!

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