Missoula Alphabet Poster

This calendar features alphabet letters that were derived from signs displayed by the local businesses inside, or outside, of their brick-and-mortar stores.

My selection for each alphabet letter was dictated purely by the font’s esthetics. There were many signs photographed, only few made it to the final collection. Some letters included in the poster are of businesses that no longer exists, and did not exist at the time of taking their photo. (Although the physical sign was still there).

Below is my image of the downtown Missoula’s iconic Iron Horse, from where the letter ‘C’ was photographed.

The Missoula’s Iron Horse

Here are another two pics showing the locations in Missoula where two poster’s alphabet letters (K and U) were derived from. As it happens, the World Food Market, pictured below, is no more in business. The sign, however, is still there…

Two signs of two businesses in Missoula where letters K and U were derived from.


For the reader who wonders how does this project stand as far as the copyright infringement is concerned, I would like to put you at ease and make you aware of the law called derivative art. It states that a derivative work is a new, original product that includes aspects of a preexisting, already copyrighted work. Also known as a “new version,” derivative works can include musical arrangements, motion pictures, art reproductions, sound recordings or translations.

Buy your poster here:

Missoula Alphabet Poster

This is an unframed 11x17 inches poster, printed on high gloss paper. It will be shipped to you via USPS first class mail (US only), in a sturdy envelope with cardboard backing. Please contact me about shipment to foreign countries.


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